Rigorous testing methodology to deliver top performance and reliable battery cells from highest quality manufacturers


40+ years of experience in compliance with government rules and regulations developing ruggedized power solutions at competitive prices.


Collaborating with your engineering team to design highly reliable battery packs for your industrial and consumer applications.


Collaborating with your engineering team to design highly reliable battery packs for your instrumentation needs


A tradition of superior craftsmanship and leadership in battery pack design for medical applications to support doctors and nurses in saving lives.


Specialized in the design and development of underwater battery packs for government and private industry applications.


Rugged space quality batteries made for no return with optimum functioning of battery system’s life.


Storing energy produced by low-carbon technologies enabling reuse and saving on cost.


Providing custom and off the shelf batteries since 1972, call us now 800-96 ENERGY (800-963-6374)

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Energy Sales was founded at the heart of Silicon Valley in 1972, serving all major industries in United States and globally. We are a factory authorized, value-added assembler and distributor specializing in cells from tier-one manufacturers and custom battery packs. Our distribution lines include thermally conductive insulators and a full line of battery-related products including battery chargers, and battery analyzers.

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Energy Sales partners with the Call2Recycle program to collect and recycle batteries from customers, partners, and the community.

CALL 2 RECYCLE: +1 (877) 723 1297