Rigorous testing and selection methodologies to deliver top performance battery packs using cells from tier-one manufacturers

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For over 40 years Energy Sales has served customers in the Aeronautics and Aerospace industries providing cells and battery packs for their challenging applications. Our accumulated expertise allowed us to develop a rigorous testing protocols which ensure we deliver the highest quality and performance solutions that meet these rigorous industries safety and regulatory standards.

  • Safety & Reliability

    Rigorous manufacturing quality management program
    Stringent production test methodologies
    Certificate of Conformance (COC)

  • Performance

    Designs for dependable and long service life
    Consistent, reliable, top performance
    Qualified tier-one cells, batteries and components

  • Standards & Certifications

    Complete certification programs to ensure compliance with required safety and regulatory standards
    Federal Aviation Regulation (FAA) requirements compliance
    Environmental compliance (e.g., ROHS)
    Safety certifications (e.g., UN/DOT, UL, TUV, etc)
    Low famability and outgassing materials (ASTM, UL VW-1 and 94V)

  • Quality

    Tested and proven battery designs
    Vibration proof
    Defect rates approaching zero
    Fresh battery cells ensured through tight inventory management and control

The key drivers for aerospace batteries are safety, reliability, long service-life, weight (for air operations) and quality. At the same time dependable performance must be maintained with reasonable costs. Energy Sales expertise will support your engineering team to find the best solution for your application while keeping all these things and manufacturability in mind. This will result in in the best battery solution for your aerospace battery need.