Industrial & Consumer Applications

Collaborating with your engineering team to design highly reliable battery packs for your industrial and consumer applications

Providing custom and off the shelf batteries since 1972, call us now 800-963-6374

Energy Sales has developed a range of custom packs and has the expertise in the distributions of cells and batteries for various types of industrial and specialty applications including data centers, computers, servers, consumer electronics, and robotics. Energy Sales teams up with your company to design and develop the battery pack that best fits your needs, including protection circuitry and safety devices to ensure the safety, protection and reliability of your batteries and products.

We reduce costs by simplifying complex application requirements, designing for manufacturability, and using cost effective COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf components).

  • Data centers, computers, servers, electronics, robotics

    Batteries for backup application
    Stationary and portable backup systems
    Emergency batteries (lights, signs, and alarms)
    Highly reliability, safe and long-lasting cells, batteries and custom battery packs

  • Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

    Protection of your designs
    Collaborative design and development with your engineering team
    PCB design services

  • Quality

    Tested and proven designs
    Defect rates near zero

  • Performance

    Consistent, reliable, top performance
    All cells and components sourced from suppliers qualified for their products quality and reliability