Collaborating with your engineering team to design highly reliable battery packs for your instrumentation needs

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Energy Sales has a proven expertise in providing the right cells and designing batteries for portable devices and instrumentation, including custom battery packs with safety and protection devices, battery protection modules and smart batteries incorporating battery management systems. . If we don’t have a battery pack design, protection module or battery management systems that meets your needs we can design it for you or engages with your engineering group to ensure the you have the right solution and the protection and safety of your design.

  • Portable devices

    Light weight
    High capacity
    High power
    High energy
    Power pack

  • Intellectual property (IP) protection

    Protection of your design
    Collaborative design jointly with your engineering team
    Battery pack and protection PCB/PCA design services

  • Instrumentation

    Light weight

  • Quality

    Tested and proven design and safety
    Six sigma defect rates
    100% tested products