Specialized in the design and development of battery packs for harsh environments including underwater research, exploration, and manned and unmanned vehicles

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Since 1972, one of Energy Sales specialties has been the design, development and manufacturing of custom battery packs for underwater exploration, tsunami warning systems, data collection, weather buoys, robotics and unmanned submersible vehicles for government and private concern applications. Our years in oceanography have provided us with proven expertise and rigorous test ing methodology, and enable us to innovate in desig n of pressure-tolerant packs that have a long life cycle under extreme conditions with low maintenanc e requirements. We ensure environmentally friendly, cost efficient, and safe battery packs with tested and proven technology designs.

  • Proven Experience

    Specialized in the design and development of underwater battery packs
    Innovative pressure-tolerant pack designs
    Affordable solutions

  • Long service life

    Long battery pack life under extreme conditions
    Low or no maintenance
    Environmentally friendly

  • Quality

    Safe, tested and proven designs
    Defect rates close to zero

  • Performance

    Maximum charge/discharge cycles
    Consistent, reliable, top performance using tier-one component suppliers

Initial deployment costs for oceanographic devices (such as tsunami buoys, Self-Locating Datum Marker Buoys (SLDMB), weather buoys, and manned and unmanned submersibles) are high, and servicing costs over the systems’ life-time can be even higher. Once deployed, the costly need to access buoys and submersibles for service can be minimized by lowering the maintenance requirements during the design stage. Energy Sales designs and manufactures ruggedized battery packs capable of performing in harsh environments, extreme weather conditions and wide temperature ranges with the highest capacity, quality, reliability and long serivce life attainable,. Energy Sales’ understanding of all cell chemistries and expertise in innovative battery pack designs enable us to provide the soundest primary and secondary battery pack solutions for oceanographic applications while containing costs.