Pressure Tolerant Battery

Pressure Tolerance, Redefined

Introducing our latest innovation — the Pressure Tolerant Battery System (PTBS) specifically designed for deep ocean applications.  The PTBS features a unique materials solution that replaces the need for expensive titanium or other advanced composite materials.



Product Category: Battery Packs
Manufacturer: Energy Sales
RoHS: Not Applicable
Scalable Output Voltages: 3V to 63V
Scalable Capacity: 357 Ah to 17 Ah
Chemistry: Alkaline
Termination Style: Custom
Brand: Energy Sales
Packaging: Individual
Rechargeable /Non-rechargeable: Non-Rechargeable
Factory Pack Quantity: 1
Maximum Operable Depth: 3000m (9842.5 ft.)
Minimum Operating Temperature: 2°C (36.5°F)

Portable Power for Deep Ocean


The Pressure Tolerant Battery System (PTBS) represents a breakthrough in cost-effective power solutions in the oceanographic community. The PTBS is designed specifically for applications faced with the challenges that occur when a device has an operating depth that would cause regular batteries to fail.


This innovative design is superior to other methods currently used by the oceanographic industry in applications that fall under the PTBS operating parameters. The novel design is more safe in instances of cell rupture than the current industry standard solutions. Additionally, the design can be manufactured for a fraction of the price.


The PTBS is ideal for use in untethered applications with extended deployment periods, including but not limited to:
  • Data Loggers
  • Sonde Devices
    • used to measure conductivity, temperature and depth
  • Bottom Pressure Recorders
    • such as those used on DART® II Tsunami detection and warning systems


The initial PTBS has tested at and will operate in depths up to 3,000 meters (~10,000 ft.) and temperatures as low as 2° Celsius (35.6° F). It features a scalable design spanning from 14 to 42 cells resulting in energy output flexibility from 360 to 900 Watt-hours, facilitating a precise solution for individual customer specifications.

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