Rugged space quality batteries made to endure the rigors and duration of the mission

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Batteries are a critical component for satelites and spacecraft. The extreme conditions in space make rigorous design, manufacture and test methods a must if battery packs are to survive and meet the demands and requirements of space missions. Energy Sales strict controls in these areas ensure reliable and consistently performing batteries. We use the highest qualified cell and component suppliers to create custom packs for space that deliver high power and energy in a compact space in a way that is economically viable for private-investor funded projects.

  • Performance

    Made to withstand the riggors of launch
    Thousands of charge-discharge cycles
    Designed and built to last the mission duration
    Built-in battery management and protection systems
    Built-in temperature management
    Extensive mission duration, vacuum and extreme temperature resistance, with stringent size and weight constraints
    Performance over thousands of charge/discharge cycles
    Consistent, reliable, proven performance from highest quality suppliers

  • Space grade quality control

    NASA test protocols compliance
    Cells and components from first-tier and qualified vendors
    Individual cell screening
    Impedance and capacity testing
    Vacuum, shock, vibration and thermal testing

  • Design

    Form factor to fit space and weight budgets with highest capacity
    Innovative designs that provides high power and energy in a compact space with minimum mass

  • COTS

    COTS (commercial off the shelf) qualified cells and components
    Economically viable for investor-funded non-government projects

Satellites,  space stations and probes are expected to last the mission  length, however long, in the extreme environment of space.  As a critical component of satellites, batteries cannot jeopardize a mission and therefore must be able to all its rigors and duration.

Energy Sales specifically works to make space grade battery packs using COTS (commercial off the shelf) qualified cells and components that result in a rugged and weight-saving batteries that are economically viable for non-government funded projects.