Energy-storage (solutions) for green-generating technologies protecting the air and reducing costs

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Energy Sales is experienced in the design and development of large batteries at high capacity, high voltage and long service life, to support a wide range of currents and temperature variations when deployed in electrical power grid batteries.

  • High Capacity

    Large batteries
    High voltage
    Long service life

  • Performance

    Consistent, reliable, top performance from highest quality suppliers
    Supports high load demand
    Wide range of currents

  • Sandards & Certifications

    ROHS, UL certification and high reliability
    Certificate of Conformance (COC)

  • Quality

    Tested and proven design
    Supports temperature variation
    Defect rate kept to a minimum

Grid energy storage methodology is used to store electricity on a large scale.

Electrical energy is stored during times when 1) production  – especially from renewable energies such as a wind  and solar power – exceeds consumption, and 2) additional discretionary load is turned on but consumption is still insufficient.

Large capacity batteries at a wide range of currents help smooth the peaks and troughs of renewable energy output.  High capacity, high voltage and long service life batteries enable electrical power grids to store energy when it’s produced—facilitating reuse and cost savings.

Energy Sales has been serving customers in utilities industry over the years with battery designs adapted to various applications.